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Posted on August 15th 2017 by Jason Rawles

The Adventurer Club is a paid for membership and one aspect of value is the exclusive member only events. So, what can you expect from this –


I love doing talks as it is a superb way to share information in a personal way to a big audience. Across the rest of 2017 one of the key talks we’ll be running is an Adventure Planning series. This includes what kit you’d need, how to use OS Maps to plan, safety procedures etc. It’s also the chance to ask questions and meet others. This is FREE to Club members or people who wish to join on the evening.

Locations being planned (but not exclusive to) are – London | Manchester | Bristol | Cheltenham | Edinburgh | St Albans | Torquay | Milton Keynes | Southampton | Norwich | Betws-y-Coed | Cardiff | Colchester

Further details will be sent after the launch with dates, times and booking details.

Talks Events


Workshops are a great way to deep dive in to something more specific within the adventure spectrum. This could be navigation, SUP basics, kayaking or bushcraft skills. We shall be running a series of skills workshops on a first come first served basis across various locations in the UK.

A diary of dates will be sent after the launch along with booking details.

Workshop Events

Environmental Events

It’s no secret that we need to look after our planet and if we don’t take some accountability for actions then stuffs going to hit the pan! This is not suggesting that we, The Adventurer Club members, are at fault but we could do some things to help.

We will be partnering with people like The Woodland Trust, Clear Plastic UK and other projects to provide help and support. One example is we spend some time in the wood, planting trees and helping with maintenance, and learn some extra skills at the same time.

We shall also be holding a vote towards the end of the year to pick some environmental projects to focus on for 2018. Club members will all have a vote. That’s not to say that’s all, but, it gives us something to lean in to and help.

Environmental Events

Togetherness Events

Something you are all telling me is you want to meet like minded people. By that I mean people in the same position. People who want to reconnect with their inner adventurer but are psyched out by all the stuff on social media telling you it has to be hard and scary.

We shall be setting up quarterly gatherings where we can have a drink, make some plans, chew the fat and create togetherness. Be with people who have the same goals, objectives and outlook.

Togetherness Events

Yearly Gathering

Plans area already afoot for a yearly mass gathering. Just imagine the collective power of us all together, having fun, connecting and making plans. Learning skills and building confidence. There are other festivals, yes, but this will be OUR festival and one of the key events.

I’m working on a location but it’s likely to be north Wales in a wonderful adventure setting.

Yearly Events

What else?

There are more to come like family days and networking events. The list is endless but we have to start somewhere…


To join please visit The Adventurer Club website and please do share this around. The more people who join the more people we can enable to be the best that they can be…


Any questions please email and don’t forget to connect with us on –




Thanks and happy adventuring…


Chief Adventure Officer

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