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Adventure is for everyone and Jason means everyone. In his experience people making good adventure decisions comes down to feeling confident and competent. Then it comes down to skills, planning, understanding and information sharing.

Jason's passion, and he's proud through his associations, is to be the inspiration ripple, to cast the first stone, to help people make those decisions.

Jason Rawles - Testimonial icon
“Utterly memorable weekend wild camping in the mountains. Jason looked after us all brilliantly. He also happens to be an awesome story teller...”
FL, Wild Camping weekend

As well as being a #GetOutside champion and brand ambassador, Jason is a qualified Adventure Guide and runs courses, workshops and experiences to help people with their skills and making of memories.

Jason offers exclusive events that can tick a number of your boxes as there is something for everyone. Jason also blogs on a regular basis and shares information and images to help inspire you. You can subscribe to get notifications.

“Jason never gave up on us even when we gave up on ourselves. Without Jason we would never have reached Everest Base Camp. I literally couldn’t take another step but he got me there. Thank you Jason....”
NH, Everest Base Camp and Ben Nevis
Jason Rawles - Testimonial icon

Jason has travelled across the world on adventure and has big plans for expeditions in remote locations. However, he is at his happiest walking around the hills, rivers, lakes, mountains and beaches of the UK - it has all you need to #GetOutside.

Jason is available as your Adventure Guide and can support your outdoors aspirations in the following ways...

  • Bespoke adventure experiences in the UK including mountains that may be on your bucket list
  • Navigation or skills training and development
  • Overseas expeditions like Everest Base Camp or Kilimanjaro
  • Wild camping trips in the UK or abroad
  • Scrambling days or weekends
  • Anything adventurous your mind can construct

To explore more about going on an adventure and associated costs, please complete the form or call 0330 133 1248.

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Scrambling Experiences

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Summit Snowdon

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Mountain Challenges

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