Do You Want To Be A Winter Rescue Statistic..??

Posted on December 14th 2017 by Jason Rawles

As with every other Winter the media are telling us it will be the coldest on record and we shall have huge volumes of snow. It’s imperative that we start to consider how we can have safe and fun experiences when we head outside and in particular our mountain environments. What’s happening? The UK winter […]

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Reflecting On An Amazing Yestival 2017

Posted on November 12th 2017 by Jason Rawles

I’ve known Dave Cornthwaite for years but we first met in January this year as part of our commitments as GetOutside Champions for Ordnance Survey. It was like meeting a long lost brother and we laughed, spoke and had a few drinks. It was a privilege that Dave and his wonderful fiancee Emma then asked me to talk at Yestival.

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When Map Reading Doesn’t Go To Plan

Posted on October 20th 2017 by Jason Rawles

As #NationalMapReadingWeek draws to a close I wanted to cover some things to do if your map reading doesn’t go as expected. It happens to us all so we should really have some kind of plan for dealing with it.

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Using OS Maps To Enhance Map Reading

Posted on October 19th 2017 by Jason Rawles

You’ll know by now that it’s #NationalMapReadingWeek so I’m putting a series of blogs together to help enhance your map reading abilities and skills. Monday we looked at what I love, Tuesday we looked at getting started and yesterday was my top ten hints and tips.

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Top Ten Map Reading Hints And Tips

Posted on October 18th 2017 by Jason Rawles

As part of #NationalMapReadingWeek I’ve been writing some blogs to hopefully inspire you to #GetOutside and map read more. Last Monday I blogged about why I love map reading and yesterday about some ideas to get you on your way.

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