The Power Of Positivity

Posted on February 6th 2018 by Jason Rawles

I recently wrote about motivation and you’ll see it’s built from a desire to ‘not be’ certain things that I’ve been exposed to in my life; or created. Wanting to be the best, or a good person, or be a socially positive rainmaker is all very well but it’s positivity that is the spark.

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Need Your Help With The NHS Walks

Posted on January 31st 2018 by Jason Rawles

I’ve been so overwhelmed by the responses to the NHS walks I’m running this year. Really overwhelmed. If this is the first you’ve heard, have a look HERE for the blog with details/dates etc and I followed that on with a blog about why I want to help, and you can read that HERE.

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Taking Ownership Of Your Motivation

Posted on January 29th 2018 by Jason Rawles

Life is hard and it will knock you to your knees. I get this. Life is a constant barrage of social media, news, work, paying bills, looking after others, you can do this, you can’t do that. It’s becoming overwhelming and our senses are overloaded from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep and even then, we don’t sleep well.

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What Happens When You Lose Your Motivation?

Posted on January 17th 2018 by Jason Rawles

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Great words by Zig Ziglar suggesting if we don’t work on motivation daily, we could lose it.

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Why Am I Supporting The National Health Service?

Posted on January 15th 2018 by Jason Rawles

Last Monday I kicked off a programme of free guided walks for the legends who support us in the national health service. Our NHS is the pride of the world and the people who work there, do so, tirelessly and passionately. I love what they do and feel a sense of ‘want’ to do something to help in some way.

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