Adventure Doesn’t Always Go To Plan

Posted on May 4th 2017 by Jason Rawles

Social media is absolutely rammed with a perfect view of adventure life. All rosey. Beautiful people in beautiful places painting their pictures of perfection. There is some reality out there and I follow some amazing people…but…it’s a world of false perceptions. My blog about Social Responsibility eluded to this.

Same in adventure and I have done this. Lovely views, great places, big smiles. But it doesn’t go like this. Have fun reading about 10 adventure fails to prove while it goes one way, it goes the other way too…

Punching myself in the privates!

Recently while taking the pole out of a tent it was proving a bit of a problem. It needed some extra leverage so I really lent in to it. My hand slipped and unfortunately due to the my stance, I punched myself directly in the nether regions. It really hurt! I’ve given the tent a yellow card and I’m now taking my Rab Ridge Raider on tonights wild camp on Cadair Idris!

Damn you tent pole, damn you!

Forgotten kit in the Alps

I went to the Alps, in my earlier days of Alpine Mountaineering, and forgot all my trousers. I did have the jeans I was wearing and my salopettes but nothing else. We weren’t near any major shops so I had to just make do. It was a sweaty mess!!!!

Sweaty legs…

Left my rucksack at a hotel in Kathmandu

After ending an expedition to Everest Base Camp and a big night at Casino Rad, the team came to pick me up and at that moment every minute counted in bed! I dashed out of the hotel remembering to grab my expedition bag but something was on my mind. I got to the airport and UH OH, my rucksack was still in Hotel Manaslu!!! Ooops! Thankfully Iswari the legend managed to get a motorbike to collect it and drive it in to the airport….literally, in to the airport!!!!!

Rucksack was with me at this point!

Walked off Corn Du the wrong way

This mountain forms part of a circular walk in the Brecon Beacons which normally includes Pen y Fan the highest mountain in South Wales. Trying to impress a girl, in awful conditions, we walked off the same way we came on. While not dangerous it did mean egg on my face. I had a map and compass but was adamant that it was the right direction! Leave your ego at the car park Jason!

Image of Pen Y Fan as I was too embarrassed to get camera out on Corn Du!

Mountain biking fail

I bought a superb MTB from the team at Framed Bicycles in Llanberis and wanted to blast it around a trail near me. I decided on the Marin Trail because ‘how hard can it be’. Confidently I attacked the trail and even before reaching the trail decided to splash a puddle because the bike was too clean. The puddle was deep, I went over the handlebars, I looked an idiot. I then put my bike back in the car and drove home! Fail!

Went for a ride around Llyn Padarn after!

Saturated car key at Pen y Pass

I was having at crack at the National 3 Peaks with some pals and the weather on Snowdon (for a change) was honking. My keys weren’t waterproofed as I tend to do. Don’t know why. Perhaps tired…. Well, carnage ensued! When I tried to open the door all the windows opened and the alarm went off. My car was parked perfectly to accept the cross wind and associated rain directly in to the vehicle. Puddles formed. Things got wet. The team at The YHA were very helpful and we managed to find a solution. One that cost me £500 getting new keys!!! Oh, how I laugh….now!

Before the soaking!

Running out of steam on Elbrus

I loved summiting Elbrus in Russia, the highest mountain in Europe. I had trained well and my legs and lungs were in decent order. We summited as a small team and with big smiles and high fives, we descended…. Then, for some reason, I just completely ran out of steam. I sat down before I passed out and didn’t quite know what to do. I keep an emergency energy gel in the top of my rucksack so squeezed that in and immediately felt better. I hadn’t had any food during the whole summit push. Not good. Looking back I should take my own advice!

Striking this fine pose must have sapped my energy!

Tummy bug at high altitude

I posted a picture on Instagram of my miserable face at high altitude on a mountain called Ama Dablam. I’d picked up a tummy bug and was rather unwell. In fact, very unwell and all kinds of badness happened that night! But, in the lead up, the team on the rotation had summited before us and there was a lack of focus on the personal hygiene by us all. By that I mean looking after the lids of pots that deliver food, using gel to clean hands etc. etc. It’s your personal responsibility to look after your hygiene and I had slipped up and paid the price.

This was a MESSY night!

Tore my shorts on the Welsh 3,000’s challenge

Showing off and even before we had started, while wearing shorts, I decided to throw out a power lunge and ripped my shorts. Not a little rip. A big rip. I could have changed them but didn’t and a world of chaffing unleashed itself upon me like had never been seen before. Pride wouldn’t let me pull out (of the challenge!) so I completed it but took a week to recover! The folly of youth!

Before all the chaffing!

Only just this morning…

Planned a sunrise on Snowdon but I couldn’t settle my mind. It wasn’t until around 1am until I finally felt able to close my eyes and the alarm was set for 2:30am. I must have switched it off rather than press snooze as next thing I know it’s 7:30am! Oh! I’ve summited Snowdon hundreds of times so it’s no major drama other than my planning was a little awry. That said, I wouldn’t have received an amazing phone call and this blog was born out of it….

Making the most of failed plans!

It’s okay not to do things okay. It is okay not to be perfect. We are all products of our experiences and how we apply them to the future. In a world where we seem to have perfection rammed down our throats, just be you and the best you that you can be.

Please feel free to SHARE and COMMENT, I’d love to hear what’s happening.

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Your friend,


5 responses to “Adventure Doesn’t Always Go To Plan”

  1. Love this post Jason. Had a right chuckle. Reminds me of the time my boyfriend and I got the car stuck in a paddock on the slopes of Snowdon and it took over three hours to push it out…

  2. Michelle Tottle says:

    Great post Jason! It great seeing people celebrate and recognise their fails as well as our successes! It makes us who we are!

    All I can say on my fails – ripped to shreds heels whilst doing the Yorkshire 3 peaks (you being one our team members) and subsquently buying new boots! And failing to summit Elbrus because I took training to lightly and assumed I would be fine… all good learnings!!

  3. Malcolm Bass says:

    I really liked this post Jason. Social media can present a falsely positive view of the successes and happiness of others, and the more miserable we are feeling about ourselves the more likely we are to believe that everyone else is sending their project, is 100% happy, is enjoying great weather, and is living on the road funded by free money falling from the sky. I liked your idea of showing a few of your less glorious moments.

  4. Katy says:

    A timely reminder for me this week and also made me smile 🙂 Thank you for sharing. None of us are perfect and, as you say – it’s ok to not do things ok, just as long as we learn from it! Something I will keep firmly in mind.

  5. Sarah says:

    Loved this this you. I did chuckle but only because if we are all honest we can all relate on many levels.


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