The Adventurer Club – What Is It…???

Posted on May 9th 2017 by Jason Rawles

The Adventurer Club is a platform for social good using adventure as a means for improving our collective worlds. When you join you become part of a more socially responsible movement dedicated to making things better where we have influence.

Who are we..?

We understand that adventure is the most wonderful conduit to improvement. Whether that be ourselves or others. We are here to reset the perceptions of what an adventure is. You can walk, hike, paddle, kayak, stroll, bike, climb, SUP, scoot or just sit and wonder at the beauty of nature. We are here to reconnect you with your inner explorer and make the world a better place for doing so.

Tell me more..?

The Adventurer Club is a paid for membership. But, revenues from this will go back in to social responsibility commitments –

  1. Helping the less advantaged along with our youth to experience adventure and benefit from the life skills this brings. We support each other.
  2. Improving our adventure environments whether it be woodland, beaches, water or hilly uplands. We can all do our part and we shall do so as a team while having fun.
  3. Creating a series of events and gatherings so we can come together as parts and leave as a rolling momentum of social good.

What do I get for this aside of the social goodness..?

For your small membership cost, you will receive –

  1. An exclusive iron on The Adventurer Club patch.
  2. Fortnightly emails with competitions, giveaways, tips and challenges.
  3. Invitation to a dedicated Facebook group.
  4. Access to regular member only events across the whole of the UK.
  5. Discounts and offers from partners (kit, events etc.).
  6. Yearly mass gathering (festival style) for fun and games.
  7. Monthly adventure Q&A sessions on Facebook or Instagram to help build your knowledge and skills.
  8. Regular video hints and tips from our Chief Adventure Officer, Jason Rawles.
  9. Constant spot prizes for people who embody the spirit of The Adventurer Club.
  10. ….and more!

What else happens..?

We also eat cake after adventures!

What should I do next..?

Go to The Adventure Club website and sign up for the pre-launch newsletters. They are coming soon. We are set to launch in the summer and we are PSYCHED!!!!

You mention ‘we’ so who is ‘we’..?

The Adventurer Club is spearheaded by Jason Rawles, the Chief Adventure Officer. He is supported by some amazing brands, people and organisations who we will in turn support to drive environmental goodness and #Adventure4All.

Where else can I find information..?

Click on the below links to be taken to our other digital platforms for inspiration. Please do SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW/LIKE as appropriate…





We look forward to welcoming you all soon.

Jason Rawles


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  1. Adrian farr says:

    Long and much needed club.

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