Are SunGod Sunglasses Adventure Proof…?

Posted on July 23rd 2017 by Jason Rawles

I’ve been pondering buying some new sunglasses recently and SunGod were very firmly on the radar. But, by pure luck, my hand was forced when I won some during the Yes Bus crowdfunding campaign. AWESOME!

SunGod on balcony at JR Towers

When they sent me details and the glasses they lay down the gauntlet of them being adventure proof. Challenge accepted…

The Tests

So, I decided to SQUISH THEM….and the SunGods didn’t break!

SunGod squishing on balcony at JR Towers

I threw them OFF MY BALCONY and the SunGods still didn’t break!

SunGod thrown off balcony at JR Towers

Then I SAT ON THEM and still they didn’t break!!!!!! These SunGods are AMAZING!

SunGod sat on at JR Towers

So are they #AdventureProof – YES THEY ARE!!!!!!!!! They would and will –

  1. Withstand being crushed in my rucksack
  2. Sat on in my car when I throw them on the seat
  3. Take a fall if I drop them while out in the mountains

The JR SunGods

The glasses I won and would have chosen anyway are the SUNGOD CLASSICS and you can chose from a massive range of colour schemes. As you can see I chose blue polarised lenses with white fronts and arms. You can piece together lots of different options.

JR wearing SunGod

Finding Out More about SunGod

You could also purchase the SUNGOD RENEGADES and available in all kinds of colours. Not forgetting the SUNGOD REVOLTS for the ski and snowboard peeps amongst you.

You can click the various links above to be directed to the relevant page but you can also click the below…






It’s a strong look to be able to pick and choose your colour scheme. Let’s be honest nobody likes to see someone else with the same kit on.


On Friday 24th November I’ll be letting you know of a code that will give you 20% discount AND free worldwide shipping!! So click the links, have a look, and get PYSCHED for looking amazing this Christmas. Let’s not forget this could be the gift you’re after for that someone special also.

Please do share this with EVERYONE and don’t forget to come and follow me on my social media platforms to get the code when I launch it.

Have fun my lovelies.


One response to “Are SunGod Sunglasses Adventure Proof…?”

  1. Simon Harmer says:

    I love my Sun God’s. As Jason said they look great and they are well priced too, what more could you ask?

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