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Posted on July 24th 2017 by Jason Rawles

I live in the north of Snowdonia National Park. Where I live is in a village called Llanberis which looks up at Snowdon on a clear day. It’s beautiful. However due to various cutbacks, erosion on paths due to visitor traffic and ‘things’ needed to keep the national park in good shape it needs more money.

Snowdonia Giving

Snowdonia NPA activities

Recently Snowdonia NPA came up with the principle of Snowdonia Giving. Businesses working in the area giving a little bit of money back. That could be passed on to visitors but most just give, for example, £1 per paying client (hotel stay, guided walk etc.) and that then gets given to the Park.

Snowdonia Giving JR

What is Jason Rawles doing?

I joined this scheme as JR Mountaineering and then had to scale down that part of my business but will be running it under The Adventurer Club. Money from each subscription will go in to supporting the Snowdonia National Park. At this point in time it’s not clear what the exact commercials will be, but, we shall be doing something and at least £1 per subscriber.

The Adventurer Club Snowdonia

Let’s be honest my contributions won’t change the world, but, collaboratively we may make a big difference…

Snowdonia Love

What can I, the blog reader do?

Visit The Adventurer Club website to sign up to pre-launch information which in turn will support Snowdonia Giving. Official club launch will be around the 2nd week of August 2017. There will be 3 subscription types and a range of exciting benefits (including this!) to help justify your investment in this club.

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