What’s Going On With All This Litter…

Posted on July 25th 2017 by Jason Rawles

….CRIKEY! There seems to be a massive volume of litter being thrown around and left in some beautiful places. People who’ve been involved in the world of adventure for longer than me are saying it’s at an unprecedented high.

I live in Llanberis and my house looks at the summit on a clear day. But, Snowdon at times is a cesspit of litter and rubbish some days. How sad.

Litter on Snowdon

Photo credit: Tabitha Angle-Smith showing the litter outside Hafod Eryri on Snowdon summit.

What’s happening?

I’ve just seen images on Facebook of some beautiful places in the Lake District covered in rubbish. Throwaway BBQ’s, beer cans, single use plastic bottles. Beaches covered in crap. Forests with rubbish everywhere. It is heartbreaking and seems to be in loads, and loads of beautiful areas.


I’m not saying it’s you, the reader of this blog, but it must be someone. The litter fairies don’t pop out when we are not looking and dump this crap everywhere.

While on this point what’s with the scratching names in to the tables of beautiful cafes and writing on the walls of buildings? Granted in the ice age cavemen and cavewoman used to put their stories on to walls BUT THIS IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

Litter by the Chinese Bridge

Picture credit: Tim Mosedale of litter left by the Chinese Bridge in the Lake District earlier.

What’s causing this?

All of this is about RESPECT plain and simple. People being disrespectful. Not caring. Selfish. Ruiners. Idiots.

There is now a debate rolling through the outdoors community about whether we should stop promoting our wonderful nature environments because minorities of people cannot RESPECT the space and it’s costing a lot of money (real cash and volunteer time) to clean up.


Why spoil our beautiful and wonderful environment…?

No little here on Snowdon

Picture credit: Jason Rawles showing the summit of Snowdon from Llyn Glaslyn. Why spoil this beauty…?

How to fix this?

We have to sort this out and I do not know the answer. Does it start in schools? Do we need to change laws and make some examples of people who do this? Big examples and I don’t mean massive fines I mean community service to collect the/all litter. Big fines are great but may be paid back at £1 a year for 12,000 years. Enforced community service perhaps.

What do you think?

It really is unacceptable and however we slice up the issue within society it is not excusable. THIS MUST STOP AND STOP NOW.

How do we stop this rot in society?

Let’s all #GetOutside but let’s #GetOutside responsibly.

Let me know…

With much sadness,


Chief Adventure Officer


6 responses to “What’s Going On With All This Litter…”

  1. Sharon Evans says:

    Hi Jason, this massive litter problem infuriates and depresses me no end. I live on the Llyn Peninsula and clean the beaches here on a regular basis (I have also been a part of organised litter picks up Snowdon) It seems like a never ending battle sometimes. More people are getting involved but perhaps sadly not enough to make a real difference.

  2. Absolutely agree, see this all the time in the Highlands of Scotland too and now have camping permits in force in a national park. Rotten food and litter left in remote bothies, fire pits and rubbish at beauty spots, banana skins, orange peels and fag butts around summit cairns… Folk have no respect. I like your idea of litter picking community service.

  3. AJ Bazela says:

    Absolutely 100% agree with everything you said. I willnever understand the mentality of going to a beautiful place and ten trashing it. Itmakes me angry and Very sad. I try and do litter picking in my local wood but it’s a battle against years of accumulated waste on top of the recent stuff. Mainly plastic bottles,cans and sweet bags/wrappers. There you go kids I’ll teach you hot to respect the environment! Reached the limits of tolerance with full nappies and wipes just left and now human faeces! Just please take your rubbish home with you in the same way you managed to bring your drinks/ snacks or whatever with you in the first place

  4. Oliver Craig says:

    I remember the anti-litter campaigns going back to the 1950s. Unfortunately it is getting worse, education does not seem to work, we have strict laws on this but are never or rarely enforced. Maybe going back to using more paper might help rather than plastic, its lack of pride and respect that are at the centre of it all. Most European countries shame us on this subject but there does not seem to be a political will to tackle this problem head on.

  5. I’ve just seen your post, and totally agree. It’s bad isn’t it 🙁 I’ve seen the same increase recently in the Peak District, and in response set up a charity called Runners Against Rubbish. We have had a great response and now have loads of members who pick up rubbish they see when out in the hills. It’s a start, but it barely scratches the surface in some places. And like you, I’ve never met anyone who drops rubbish…

  6. Charlotte Emms says:

    I recently heard someone from the Snowdonia Society say they collected 250 plastic bottles from the area arpund one of the lakes near snowdon. He showed us a map highlighting the hotspot areas for litter, one being the lake (presumably people leave the remains of their lunch??) and one being just near the car park! What possible excuse is there for dropping litter when you are practically back at your car!? I don’t know the answer but I do think that schools need to be teaching children good manners and respect and care for the environment. It is so sad how things are going.

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