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Posted on August 16th 2017 by Jason Rawles

The Adventurer Club does (and will) be using numerous platforms to distribute content and connect our members. Below are details of what we are using at this moment and how to connect with us.

Connect on Facebook

We have a Facebook page (CONNECT HERE) and also a CLOSED group (CONNECT HERE) that’s just for members. We will push a lot of content here and conscious of the algorithms, so be sure to –

  1. Click FOLLOWING from the Facebook page
  2. Click SEE FIRST

Then we shall pop up on your timeline whenever we post.

connect facebook

Connect on Twitter

We use Twitter (CONNECT HERE) for more real time information, action and images. The average tweet has a lifespan of around 18mins and we tend to post first thing in the morning and then in the evenings.

connect twitter

Connect on Instagram

Instagram (CONNECT HERE) is our place to present nice images. The place to show you what’s happening in the world. We tend to post here a few times a day.

connect instagram


You can reach us by emailing and we tend to respond within 24hrs assuming we are not out in the mountains. We are passionate adventurers so try and #GetOutside as often as possible!

Email Subscribe

On our website you can also subscribe to emails even if you’re not a member of the Club. That’s okay. You may just wish to find out more and have a little look. Look HERE and fill out your email details.


Since you’re reading this you probably know the blog comes care of our Chief Adventure Officer, Jason Rawles. Well for now anyway. This is a way of deep diving more information (like this) and getting in to some more details. You can subscribe the the blog HERE which is via his/my personal website.


connect jason rawles

Subscribe to The Adventurer Club

Ultimately that’s what this is all about. To reconnect you with your inner adventurer and help the world as we go along. To help those less fortunate with their adventure journey and the life benefits that brings. Support environmental goodness to make the world a better place.

Click HERE to subscribe…

connect the adventurer club

I and we look forward to connecting with you. There will be more to come as the Club grows and let’s be honest we need to be outside doing stuff rather than smashing around social media!

The first rule of The Adventurer Club is that WE DO talk about The Adventurer Club! SHOUT LOUD, SHARE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS.



Chief Adventure Officer

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