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Posted on August 24th 2017 by Jason Rawles

There are bigger plans to turn The Adventurer Club in to a charity but let’s be honest the lines are quite blurry. CEO’s of charities are earning hundreds of thousands of pounds while other charities are scratching around for cash. It’s crazy eh and how do they demonstrate value?!

The term not-for-profit is also banded around a lot. But if your NFP makes £1.2m of profit and then buys a Bugatti Veyron it’s still considered not-for-profit.

Setting up The Adventurer Club…

I set up this organisation using my own money and my own time. At the time of writing there has been no funding and a lot of effort has gone in which has a value in itself. For the multiple thousand hours of effort there hasn’t been a wage coming in. Let alone the physical cash gone in of which there has been a lot. A lot.

It’s also on my mind that I am a Trustee of a charity elsewhere and have to be clear there are no conflicts of interest.

The Adventurer Club Value

What’s your point Jason?!

So to my point of this blog. There is a cost for membership and with my business head on, and if it were me, I’d be thinking about how I get value for money. All of the socially good things like supporting Snowdonia Giving, helping youth adventure development, planting trees etc. are a bit of a nice by-product. Or are they…


Kit Discounts

We need some kit to adventure but also need to think about how multi-functional it is (separate discussion)! Via The Adventurer Club you get 10% discount from Ellis Brigham and also some discounts on Polaris mountain biking kit and KTM bikes via Bryniau MTB who are based in north Wales.

You will also get snap discount from various brands who support me plus 15% discount from paper and custom Ordnance Survey maps.

If you bought a jacket, some boots, a couple of maps and other bits you can be easily saving £30-£40. If you bought a bike it could be even more.

OS Maps One Month Subscription

If you just wanted to use OS Maps for one month then you have this for free when you join The Adventurer Club. Value of £3.99.

OS Maps Value

The Adventurer Club Merchandise

You will get 10% off our merchandise. These bits are selected to also help reduce the environmental burden via single use plastics plus, look cool! If you bought a mug, water bottle and bag you’d save around £3 but also loads of money on bottled water, coffee and carrier bags. Let’s suggest this could be around £12 in total.

Everest Base Camp

You will get 5% off Everest Base Camp expedition deposits which has a value of £22.50 but granted this is more specific. However, it’s value.

Jason Rawles Events

You get 10% off of various more specific events that I run like Leadership Weekends. Potential saving of £30 or more.

Jason Rawles Value

The Adventurer Club Events

Across the year we will run numerous events including talks, guided walks on Snowdon, navigation days (various national parks) and family days. Plus plans for a festival style event in Summer 2018. Various savings as these will be at NO COST for members –

Talk – £7 to £10

Guided Walk on Snowdon – £35

Navigation Training – £40

Festival – TBC


There will be competitions, spot prizes and various giveaways that will help. We have already given out loads of prizes in the first week of launch and more to come thanks to the wonderful brands who have helped. They support what we do…and we hope you will too.

If you went to town on this membership you could be quids in. I have demonstrated that but I get the fact that some may get more and some may get less.

But let me also ask you this – how do you quantify the below:

  1. Helping the disadvantaged or less fortunate
  2. Supporting our environment
  3. Making new friends who have the same common goals as you
  4. Leveraging adventure to be the best that you can be
  5. Promoting adventure accessibility for absolutely EVERYONE


We have to work together and I am a glorified mass facilitator and connector of dots. My role is to create the environment whereby people can thrive and I see adventure as that mechanism. That takes positive action from us all.

With profit from this organisation we WILL pay for youth organisations to experience adventure. The Adventurer Club WILL help families. We WILL set up grants. Collectively we WILL help people and our environment.

Thank you to those that have joined and thank you to those that will join.


Jason Rawles

Chief Adventure Officer

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