What I Love About Map Reading…

Posted on October 16th 2017 by Jason Rawles

Welcome to National Map Reading Week headed up by Ordnance Survey. As a GetOutside Champion I wanted to share some reasons why I love map reading. For this whole week I’ll be blogging about various topics to help you see, feel and understand why embracing map reading will enhance your lives!

It’s freedom!

Ordnance Survey have mapped the whole of the UK and it’s not just mountains. It’s everything from housing estates to farms and beyond. With a map and compass you can go and explore. You can go to places you haven’t been and confidently know what’s there. It means you’re not just stuck in one place but you can get your shoes on and GetOutside.

Map freedom

Maps are fun!

When the map comes out it generally means an adventure is being planned. This is FUN! That said sometimes I just get maps out for fun. Because, well, as this eludes to, they are fun! It’s excitement as something is happening. On the hill or outdoors it’s my ability to relate to the environment and I love that. It makes me smile.

map fun

It’s safety!

A little more serious but knowing what’s around me means I can make good decisions. Mostly this is during the planning phase to marry capability to the route but it also helps me on the move. Having the skills to move from A to B and if I need to, around C, means I am minimising risks and therefore consequence. It also helps reduce the burden of emergency services like Mountain Rescue.

map safety

It’s learning!

I love to learn and map reading is a degradable skill. Every few weeks I’ll be back outside in all kinds of weather to keep my skills fresh. Having pals like Lyle Brotherton and then team at the Ultimate Navigation School mean I’m always picking up new tips and learning. It fuels my need to absorb information.

map learning

A map is tactile!

I love the feel of maps. Don’t get me wrong, I love tech, but I love the feel of maps and compasses more…

map tactile

It’s memories!

I have so many great memories of being outside with a map and compass and I’ll share some later in the week. It reminds me of such wonderful moments and people.

map memories

It’s togetherness!

I’m so privileged to have so many wonderful friends who also love the same as me. When we get together it’s such a wonderful buzz of energy and excitement. A map is something you can gather around. It’s a place where you can share. It’s something that’s either the start, middle of end of something. You can also have a beer or eat some cake – just sayin’!

map pals

It’s GetOutside

All adventures should include a map and probably a compass. Everyone should know how to use a map and compass as it brings so much goodness. As has been mentioned above it’s fun, safety, friends, learning, planning, and memories. The whole of the UK should GetOutside

map getoutside

There is much more to love and you’ll pick this up during this week…

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about how to take your first steps in map reading so please do keep an eye out. Please do also SHARE this and get involved with what’s happening during the week. Check out the Ordnance Survey FACEBOOK page or WEBSITE for more information.

Thanks as always



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