Free Guided Walks For NHS Employees

Posted on January 7th 2018 by Jason Rawles

Our National Health Service is the pride of the world. FACT! It must be a tough but rewarding ask to spend all your working life helping others, in sometimes tough conditions (A&E, front line Paramedics etc.) and it must take its toll not just physically, but mentally also.

One thing I do know is that walking is a wonderful route to mental wellbeing. Just being in nature is the most amazing way to create headspace and declutter your mind. That’s why, in my capacity as an Adventure Guide, I’d like to do something to help…

How will you do that Jase?!

I’d like to offer a series of free of charge guided walks throughout 2018 that will also include a little tuition on map reading (if time allows) and a small gift (TBC). The walk will help you escape from the pressures. The tuition will help you get out on more adventures. The gift will help you reduce your single use plastics footprint so have an environmentally positive impact. I hope this is a pretty complete day!

Will they be across the UK?

Yes, they will be in –

Dartmoor (England)

Brecon Beacons (Wales)

Peak District (England)

Lake District (England)

Snowdonia (Wales)

Ben Nevis (Scotland)

Are there any conditions?

Well yes, but not many!

  1. Maximum of 50 people per day.
  2. You must be an employee of the NHS to book and you can bring a friend (maximum 2 people per booking).
  3. Booking closes one week before the walk.
  4. Dogs are welcome unless otherwise stated.
  5. Minimum of 4 people.

What’s needed from me if I want to come along?

You need to get yourself to the start point and I will send information with postcode in advance. You’ll need a small amount of kit and it won’t need to be expensive just to keep you warm, comfy and fed/watered. I will send a kit list in advance and offer a discount at retail places if you need stuff. You need to be willing to have a tonne of fun and forget about the NHS pressures for the day. Tell your friends, share this blog, connect with me on social media (see below) and get excited.

Each walk will be between 5hrs and 7hrs in length. Ben Nevis will be the biggest day but we will take our time and the emphasis is on fun. Some fitness will be great but it’s not the be all, and end all. We will walk as a group and help each other out. This is about doing something nice and not route marching our way around the mountains. Let’s take a break, let’s be cool!

Otherwise, I have your back and it’s all under control!

What’s your credentials to do this Jase?

I’m glad you asked. I have the qualifications and insurances needed to run this safely. I work as an Adventure Guide around the world and am passionate about the outdoors, adventure and helping people. I’m supported by wonderful brands like Ordnance Survey, Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, and Elliot Brown Watches.

Having been in mountain rescue for a few years I have seen the positive impact that the front line NHS services offer. Having had numerous operations, including a recent wrist reconstruction, I have seen the NHS in all it’s supportive glory. I want to do something nice for people who are working tirelessly and passionately to help others.

What are the dates for these legendary NHS days out?

5th May 2018 – Peak District (meeting point in Edale)

6th May 2018 – Lake District (Scafell Pike from Wasdale)

23rd June 2018 – Dartmoor (meeting point Okehampton)

24th June 2018 – Brecon Beacons (Pen y Fan horseshoe from Pont yr Daf car park)

8th July 2018 – Snowdon (meeting point in Llanberis)

15th September 2018 – Ben Nevis (from Glen Nevis car park)

How do I book?

Click the relevant link below and you’ll be directed to my Bookwhen schedule page. There is a password to confirm the booking which is –


Peak District

Lake District


Brecon Beacons


Ben Nevis

Once booked I’ll email details of kit and expectations to help you plan and get excited.

Please do connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or sign-up to my newsletter via my website. I post and send information via these platforms so be sure not to miss out.


A lot of you have asked about making a donation to support the NHS. I’ve decided to put my full shoulder behind the Cavell Nurses’ Trust. They do AMAZING work for nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who need a helping hand. They support those who are struggling, often because of mental or physical health issues, domestic abuse or financial hardship. I felt very emotional chatting with them today. Link to my Just Giving page is –

I’m really excited to run these for you bunch of legends and I hope to see you in the great outdoors!!!

Thank you for everything you do. The NHS and the people who work in it are all that’s great about our wonderful country and who we are. You’re AMAZING and if I can do one small thing, to give you a little break, then I’ll consider it a great privilege.

Thanks for reading.


33 responses to “Free Guided Walks For NHS Employees”

  1. Sue says:

    I would be interested to join you

  2. DENNIS says:

    This is great!!!Thank you.I miss walking,id definitely join you all!!!!!i will bring my fury bestfriend with me!!!

  3. Emily Wood says:

    What a really brilliant idea & generous offer. Emily W (Paramedic)

  4. Mandy keating says:

    Jason is there just one Dartmoor walk as I’ve booked and it originally said 12 spaces.. then when I checked again it offered 25 spaces and I wished to walk with my colleagues.!? X
    Is there anyway I can see who else has booked Dartmoor?

    • Jason Rawles says:

      Hi Mandy, these proved so popular that I quickly had to add capacity. I don’t think I can share details without permission due to data protection rules but there are 21 others now so likely they’re booked? Perhaps email me if there is anyone specific you’re thinking of?

  5. Jon ‘ Nettle’ Foden says:

    Hi Jason,
    Great idea! I’m an NHS employee (Ambulance Technician) up here in Scotland, I also happen to be MIC and IML. If you need a spare pair of hands for the Lakes and Ben Nevis days I’d love to help. Unfortunately I don’t get my shifts until about 6 weeks before, so wouldn’t be able to confirm 100% until then, but keen to help.

  6. Helen says:

    Fantastic Jase! On behalf of other NHSemployees: thank you for believing in us!!!! If I can (have a three month old baby) I will book on one of your walks!! Xx

  7. Joanna says:

    I can’t get the password NHSLegends to work

    • Jason Rawles says:

      Hi Joanna, when did you try this please? I think all the walks are booked up so over 300 people have used this code. I’ll check and see if there were issues at this time?

  8. Christine Lomas says:

    Hello Jason , I don’t work for the nhs but my friend has mentioned this to me who does work for Them . She has booked on with you and her sister . Would it be possible for me to join too but pay for the guided tour ? Thank you .

    • Jason Rawles says:

      Hi, all of the walks are now booked up I’m afraid. Keep an eye out though incase I can figure out a way to increase the numbers.

  9. Melissa says:

    This is such a wonderful and kind idea. Thanks for thinking about us all, bit many people do. (Medical Physiotherapist) I would love to join you on the walk in the peaks, but unfortunately due to health reasons I will be unable to make it. If you ever run one again later in the year, I would be honered to join you xxx

  10. Paul says:

    Booked! Can’t wait. ☺

  11. Kathryn says:

    Fantastic initiative! May have missed it in the blurb but how far are the walks and what level of fitness is required?

    • Jason Rawles says:

      Hi Kathryn, they will vary according to location but perhaps 5-7hrs on the move. Ben Nevis is the biggest day and then Snowdon the next biggest day. We will move at a pace that works for all people and have helpers on the walk if people need.

  12. Bridget says:

    Hi Jason:
    How much of a climber does one need to be to participate ? I’d love to join, but not sure how well I’d do at a lot of climbing.
    I was thinking about doing the walk in the Peak District.
    Thank you very much for organising this !

  13. Rosie Keaney says:

    Is there anyway we could book onto the snowdon walk?? 8th July really want to do it just didn’t have time to book earlier thank you xx

    • Jason Rawles says:

      Hi Rosie, looks like the walk is over subscribed so people on a waiting list. Are you on that also? I am hoping to add more capacity so please keep an eye out.

  14. Nicola Hayes says:

    Love this idea but all the walks are fully booked at the moment……I suspect lots of us would be interested in this. Great idea and offer. Thanks

  15. Kerry Taylor says:

    This is an amazing idea! I’d love to join you for the Peak District one of increase numbers! How would I know? 🙂

  16. Linda Crichton says:

    Could you please add myself and my husband to your waiting list for any of the walks that may increase in capacity.this a brilliant idea and a very kind thing to do by yourself. Thankyou.

  17. Maria says:

    It says they are all fully booked already! (Sad face) have added myself to waiting list, with fingers crossed.
    Such a wonderful thing to offer to do Jason x

  18. D DC says:

    I would love to book now, but won’t have my rota till the start of March (if I’m lucky). Not that doctors don’t rotate every year in April or anything…
    Oh the irony

    Keep up the great work!

  19. HS says:

    I’m a medical trainee in the NHS. This is a brilliant and impressive commitment, thank you.

  20. Jane Lamey says:

    I too, would like to be on your list of any of your walks should the capacity increase.

  21. Shane Newton says:

    Are there any plans for future walks as these are all booked up 🙁

    Hope to get on one of these walks soon and want to say what a fantastic gesture this is. Thankyou

  22. Rhonda says:

    Will you be doing the same in 2019?

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