Why Am I Supporting The National Health Service?

Posted on January 15th 2018 by Jason Rawles

At the start of the year I kicked off a programme of free guided walks for the legends who support us in the national health service. Our NHS is the pride of the world and the people who work there, do so, tirelessly and passionately. I love what they do and feel a sense of ‘want’ to do something to help in some way.

This is also not just an opportunity to support our NHS but to also support a charity. I’ll be supporting The Cavell Nurses’ Trust and you can read last weeks blog (below) to find out more about dates, locations and further details.


So the big question, why am I doing this? Read on…

Helping Me Adventure

Those who know me know that I love to get outdoors. To play in the mountains and I have a love for climbing and mountaineering. I’ve injured myself on numerous occasions including a recent wrist reconstruction after rupturing my wrist while climbing. The NHS patches me up and keeps me going. The NHS allows me to keep on following my passion for adventure.

Non Judgemental

This period of my life fills me with shame. For various reasons I was a very angry young adult and drinking and fighting became my outlet for not being able to deal with or talk about my emotions. I was hospitalised on numerous occasions including being taken to A&E by ambulance. It embarrasses me to write this and it’s still uncomfortable to talk about. I was a burden on the NHS and it was wholly preventable. The paramedics, nurses and staff never judged they just fixed me up and sent me on my way.

Mountain Rescue

Before rupturing my wrist I spent a few years with Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team. I got to know the local Emergency Department teams and people on the team were/are doctors, paramedics and involved in lots of elements of pre-hospital care. I got to see more first hand exactly how hard their jobs are in very difficult times.

Dignity In Death

Some people very dear to me have died due to ill health. We all get that. It’s a fact of life. My Grandad, my hero, died as a result of a stroke and he was on his own in hospital when he passed away. A great man, my Step Dad, died as a result of emphysema and he died at our family home supported by health workers and my legend of a Mum. Tony Collins, another hero when growing up for helping my Mum and I, died of a blood clot resulting from inactivity around Multiple Sclerosis. Every minute, of every day, the NHS are helping our loved ones have dignity in death.

Just Because

It’s nice to be nice! I don’t need to bang on too much about this.

Now you know why I am doing this and I’ll need support. Help from people on the walks and as part of the process. I’ll detail more in the next few days.

I’m going to leave you with a vision…

Just imagine over 1,000 people on guided walks all as part of or in support of the NHS? What if 1,000 people all ask 5 of their friends to donate £5 to The Cavell Nurses’ Trust which raises over £25,000 to help people who care, to be cared for? Imagine if #NHSWalks2017 is just the beginning..?

In fact – let’s start now shall we?

SMS number: 70070

Text: NHSJ74

Amount: £5

Thanks for taking the time to read. Please do share this and in particular the information about the walks. Yes, they are booked up and have a waiting list. However with your support we can increase the capacity and make it BIGGER!

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Your friend,


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