Need Your Help With The NHS Walks

Posted on January 31st 2018 by Jason Rawles

I’ve been so overwhelmed by the responses to the NHS walks I’m running this year. Really overwhelmed. If this is the first you’ve heard have a look HERE for the blog with details/dates etc. I then followed that on with a blog about why I want to help and you can read that HERE.

Each walk is now fully booked with a list of people waiting. This is AMAZING. However, with support, we can make this BIGGER. We can bring more people together to feel the positive benefits of a day outdoors. To create a positive wave of energy in support of people who give so much support. Create some headspace and embrace nature.

I need you help and here’s how you can support…


When considering safety in the mountains I have to think about ratios of qualified leaders to numbers of walkers. This is what underpins the qualifications I have and the insurances in place. To increase the number to 100 per day I’ll need people with me as we walk and a few people to help with registration.

Can you help?

If you have mountain leader (summer) qualification or training and can help please email with the date you can make and the quals you hold. Or you may have another qualification (if you have it, you’ll know) that’s relevant.

Ideally I’d need 10 people with me on the walk and 2 or 3 people as part of registration processes.

Are you able to help with registration processes and then help at the end of the day with number checking? Email and let me know which dates you could make.



To increase the numbers this needs some cash for things like event insurance, radio hire for communication and some collateral on the day. In the big scheme of things it’s pennies but they are critical items to make this bigger and better. You may be able to supply ‘things’ and want to give each walker a present, a gift, something as a thanks. You may want to contribute to a goodie bag.

In an ideal world these events would have a key sponsor, a local sponsor for each location and then some legends who want to donate some bits for goodie bags.

Can you help?

Email and let me know what your thoughts are and we can discuss what/how to show value for your investment in these walks.



This already has the attention of some radio stations and magazines. It’s a lovely message that we want to support the wonderful NHS who work tirelessly to support us all.

If you’re a local radio station, programme on tele and want to pop by, a magazine or newspaper, please email and we can discuss what could work.


When this was launched the amazing team at The Cavell Nurses’ Trust contacted me. They told me about their work and I instantly wanted to help. As part of this series of walks I’d love to help raise some money for them.

Just imagine if 600 people all ask 5 of their friends to donate £5. This could raise £15,000 which would help nurses, care workers and midwives in a time of need. I’d love to raise £10k+ and you could help.


Every donation will receive an entry to a raffle. One lucky winner could win an Elliot Brown watch of their choice up to the value of £350. One entry per donation and draw will take place after the last walk. Thank you Elliot Brown watches.

I’m really excited by this and know that with some help and assistance we can make this BIG! Perhaps even do this yearly. Who knows?! But we start with the here and now…

Please share this and get involved.

Thanks as always


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