The Power Of Positivity

Posted on February 6th 2018 by Jason Rawles

I recently wrote about motivation and you’ll see it’s built from a desire to ‘not be’ certain things that I’ve been exposed to in my life; or created. Wanting to be the best, or a good person, or be a socially positive rainmaker is all very well but it’s positivity that is the spark.

Being positive is the game changer. I promise.

What does it feel like to be around positive people? It feels positive, right? You feel energised, inspired and just want to be around them. Flip side, negative people make you feel shit and not great about yourself. They suck the soul out of you. When you radiate positivity it will reflect back at you in all that surrounds you. I’m not spiritual guru but I bloody well know it!!!!

When we are positive the world is a much better place…

The Choice Of Positivity

Believe it or not, being positive is a choice. There is no doubt that we all have things going on in our lives that can suck us under. We are all on our own journey and I do not profess to even understand everyone’s lives. But I do understand mine. I do know that when I’ve been negative it’s had an impact on the people I care about and I do know that when I chose to be positive, it has a positive impact and great things happen.

What’s not suggested is that we all march around falsifying positive in the hope that great things happen. Offering a high five to the cashier in the local Spar shop as he gives you the lottery ticket doesn’t guarantee a win…but, saying hello and giving a smile will make them feel nice. It costs nothing and is a nice positive gesture.

My little world still spins in orbit if I don’t win the lottery but I do know that when I’m positive it has a positive impact. Here’s an example of choosing to be positive during a recent talk I gave at the Ordnance Survey GetOutside champions 2018/19 launch –

“I found Jason’s friendly and enthusiastic introduction to the new 2018 GetOutside champions, at the recent launch event, settling, welcoming, and motivating individually and to the group.

His friendliness helped reduce the anxiety I felt, making myself, and others, feel like we deserved our places there. His enthused positivity was highly motivating for the year ahead against whatever challenges we decide to take up along the way.”

Thank you Ashley Beolens for this lovely feedback and I’m glad you felt the positivity.

Why Should We Be Positive?

Well, to start with if you’re reading this you no doubt have some means of reading a blog on an electronic device so you’re already better off than millions of people! There you go, crack a smile, it’s all good!!!

It’s not as simple as that though, is it?

I know life is hard and many of you had or are having tough times. It can get better if you make positive choices. If you make the choice to change, adjust, become better, make a plan or do something you’ve always wanted to do. We live in a world that can support that if you take ownership. I do know, probably more than you may think I know, but we have choices.

Firstly, make the choice to be positive and then make the choice to change what needs changing.

Game on!

Let’s do a little exercise together shall we? I’ll list 5 reasons why I’m so positive and you do the same and let me know in the comments…

  1. I have wonderfully supportive friends and family who pick me up when I fall.
  2. I’m leading two amazing trips to Everest Base Camp and Kilimanjaro this year.
  3. The surgeon has signed off my wrist and I have a personal project expedition planned for November in the Himalaya.
  4. My work adventure diary is almost full up for the year and I am psyched to deliver experiences for people.
  5. While I could be healthier I do have my health.

I could list many more but we agreed to list five didn’t we?!

What does positivity feel like?

Amazing and I am categoric about this. Even recently I let some negativity slip in to my life and had to make some choices to ensure it didn’t slip back. When you smile, people will smile with you. When you embrace positivity the world lights up around you and floods the dark. When you’re nice, it makes people feel nice, and that becomes a ripple effect of positivity.

It starts with you (and me) to make the choice.

Dive in to the waters of positivity as it’s nice and warm! You will be your best self when you choose to be positive.

As always thank you for taking the time to read. Please do comment with your five reasons and please do share. The world inherently is a great place but we have to sometimes remember to choose to be positive.

Don’t forget you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter. Come and connect with me and let me know your positivity experiences and let’s flood the world with light and goodness.

Sending much love,


2 responses to “The Power Of Positivity”

  1. I really needed to read this today, thnk you! My five reasons are pretty basic…
    1) I have my health
    2) I have a house full of yummy food right now!
    3) I’m on maternity leave so plenty of time to enjoy with my family and I’ve managed to negotiate a good plan for my return to work
    4) I managed to save some money last month and we got a tax rebate
    5) We are going to Snowdonia in May

    That’s it! Thanks again for this post today!

  2. Steve says:

    1. It makes me positive to think I know you & proud of what you do
    2. I’m positive that my daughter has overcome he’s nerves of performing in a show today, running out the door screaming with joy!
    3. I’m positive that my work is extremely subjective and tied up with legislation but I do my best to carry it through the best I can!
    4. I’m positive that this year is going to be awesome, new camera, new experiences, new adventures!!!
    5. Finally, I’m positive that this crap awful cold is gonna be gone in a few days & training will start up again…

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