What To Expect From Everest Base Camp Expeditions

Posted on June 18th 2018 by Jason Rawles


It’s no secret that I am passionate about the Nepalese Himalaya and also passionate about helping people to achieve their adventure and expedition aspirations. I run numerous expeditions to Everest Base Camp on a yearly basis and wanted to formalise some information to help you make a positive decision to come on this trip with me…

Below are some answers to the things that may be on your mind.


Firstly, here is a great article from the NHS about altitude (CLICK HERE) and that will help with some understanding. In my experience there are a few factors that help you –

  1. Drink loads of water (possibly 4 litres) and sip, little and often.
  2. Move slowly and steadily.
  3. Eat plenty of food.
  4. Get lots of rest.
  5. Listen to me!!!

The route and itinerary is geared around your safety and success. It’s also flexible and we can move and shift things around to help people out. Our route and walking speed is designed to help people make it to Everest Base Camp.


You don’t have to be a mega fit athlete to get to the end goal. A good standard of fitness is great but this is about attitude as much as anything. It is a great idea to get some training in. Some walks at the weekends, building up time on your feet and distance. Also doing back to back days of walking is decent as that replicates what we do on the trail. Get some cycling done in the week or even some spin classes. Being fit is good but it’s not everything. You could also speak with a personal trainer at the gym.


Ages on my expeditions range from 23 to 68. If you have worries about this I can always chat with you on the phone. This is an expedition that’s open to the masses and is highly achievable with some planning, preparation and a great attitude.

Medical Conditions

I’ve had people on my expeditions with type one diabetes and even high blood pressure. Firstly, we can have a discussion about the condition and how it could manifest on the trip. Then we need to circle back with a doctor if appropriate to get their buy in and then it’s about letting insurance people know. There is a lot we can do to support your aspiration and while we are in the greater ranges we will have access to helicopter rescue if needed. Let’s chat if you have worries.

We have a team in-country that are on stand-by 24/7 so if something happens we can respond speedily and without hesitation.

Flights & Visa

Flights tend to be around £500 and I ask that you arrive in Kathmandu on the first day of the trek and depart on the last. I shall arrange transfers for you and share details around the team so people can travel together if possible.

You’ll need a visa and that can be obtained in advance or at Kathmandu airport. I suggest getting it in advance but if you can’t let your passport go for that long then it’s not a mega drama. Visa cost would be around $40.

Expedition Life

On the trail your food (meals, water) are all included but that doesn’t include stuff like coca cola or chocolate. We may meet for breakfast at around 07:30 and breakfast could be eggs, toast and jam. Then we’ll aim to leave around 08:15 and walk for a few hours at a steady pace. We may stop for tea and biscuits as well as have lunch. Lunch may be noodles or some kind of stew. We may finish the day in time for tea and biscuits (again!!!) at 15:00 and then meet for dinner around 19:00. Dinner might be chicken and chips! Then we have a team briefing for the next day.

Rooms are basic, single beds on a shared basis. Some of the tea houses we stay in will have blankets but I ask that you bring a sleeping bag just incase they have run out. Ear plugs are a great idea as the walls are thin!

We have a very steady pace of life on the expedition as that improves your success. Don’t get me wrong, there are some harder days as we do have to walk to Everest Base Camp, but we don’t pile on the pressure.


I tend to run an expedition training weekend and the next one is in August (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS). For large groups booking together I can also run a special day as a team plus I send information out on a regular basis to help get ready and get geared up. It’s also your responsibility to get prepared as I can only feed you information, I can’t make you swallow it! Have fun with the prep and use it as time to get excited.


You do need insurance and look to get it ASAP after booking is confirmed. There are plenty of places that offer it. It can cost just over £100 and make sure they know about any medical conditions and that it includes helicopter rescue and repatriation. Just search for Everest Base Camp insurance and check a few out.

2019 Expeditions

In 2019, at this point, I have 4 expeditions that are live –

2nd March to 17th March specific to the Brick Children School charity (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

16th March to 31st March (EMAIL FOR DETAILS)

6th April to 21st April (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

19th October to 3rd November and includes a summit of Island Peak (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

I’ll be adding 2020 details in the next few weeks and including monthly payment options.

Final Word

This is a spiritually beautiful, aesthetically amazing and life changing expedition. You will not regret booking on this. But don’t take my word for it… Adam who was on my March/April 2018 expedition kindly put this video together –

Also here’s a little video of that same expedition and you’ll have to excuse the fact that I’m no movie maker –

I look forward to seeing you soon…



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