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Posted on October 16th 2018 by Jason Rawles

There was a lot of energy earlier in the year when I launched the NHS Walks series. Too much in fact. It went too big, too quick. People got frustrated and it ended up with me getting quite a few angry phones calls and messages.

I still kept going with them but under the radar. There’s been some lovely feedback –

“Jason, I’d never have been brave enough to do this on my own. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for looking after myself and my daughter. We would not have done this without you.”

“Thanks for an AWESOME time, Jason!”

Game on! #NHSWalks

What’s new?

Well, nothing really in terms of the ‘what’! I would like to do something nice to help those who help others. The NHS have done so much for me, my loved ones and those of people I care about.

The process has changed slightly and I’ll be doing more walks with less people to keep the overall safety, people and risk consequences lower. The #NHSWalks series will scale though…

The new details and process

There are now 25 spaces per walk and there is an online booking process that is two steps. Click on the below link (under heading ‘The NHS Walks series’) and it’s a quick booking process. Once the booking is confirmed you’ll receive an email which also has a registration link and information. This information is needed and held confidentially.

If you have received the first booking email, you are booked and confirmed, the registration is so I can capture next of kin, contact information and medical details and ensure they are on a secure, confidential environment.

As before this is for NHS workers and they may bring one friend along. Every person MUST have a booking.

There will be a waiting list. I didn’t realise the default setting to email the next person on the waiting list was 30mins if there was a cancellation. This caused a lot of upset. I have extended this to 2hrs. So, if someone cancels and the walk is full, the next person on the waiting list gets an email and has 2hrs to book. If they don’t, the system automatically sends to the next person, and so on etc.

Please respect that this is for NHS workers and a friend. I am not password protecting this process as that also caused some upset. This blog will form the basis of all the walks and they will be added and then sent out. So the process will always be central to this content or on the website being built.

If you need to cancel please go back to the booking email and follow the process. It’s on the email that comes through.

A kit list link is included in the booking confirmation email.

Two weeks before I shall email everyone with further information including confirmation of start time, location, kit list and any other bits. Three days before I shall send details of weather and anything else to consider.

To confirm the process to book –

  1. Click on the link below with the walk you’d like to attend
  2. If there is space, book a place/s
  3. Once you get the booking email please follow the link to register

The NHS Walks series

Click the link below to be taken to the first stage of the booking and registering process –

24th November in the Peak District (Kinder Scout)

29th November in the Brecon Beacons (Pen-y-Fan)

1st December in North Wales (Snowdon)


The bigger picture

Some previous walks were cancelled for various reasons. A lot of walks still happened but under the radar. The processes are more robust, secure and reliable. I am excited to progress this with gusto!

I see a vision of hundreds of #NHSWalks happening, supported by leaders and guides, funded by various platforms to help our NHS workers to be happier, more content, connected with others and leveraging the outdoors to be healthier in mind and body.

This is what I envisaged last Christmas as I sat reflecting on death, injuries and burden.

I will also be building out a website with all details on but that’s probably more in the medium term. It can be found here though –

There’s also a Facebook group if people are interested in connecting with to help share pics, information and #NHSWalks goodness –

Cavell Nurses’ Trust

As part of this process I was approached by the team at Cavell Nurses’ Trust. They deliver help and support for nurses, midwives and care assistants who need some support in whatever form that may be. They help those who help others.

I’d love this walk series to raise over £10k for this amazing charity. If I’m able to help well over 500 people to experience free guided walks, how amazing would it be if each person arranged for 5 people to donate just £5. That would be a nice £12,500!!

If you’d like to support this please donate – 

Social media

Please do share the hell out of this and make a load of noise. Tag me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (after FOLLOWING and LIKING of course!) and use #NHSWalks as the hashtag. More noise is more profile is more potential funding support.

Let’s do this…

The first plan of attack never withstands the first wave of battle – or whatever that quote is!!! Plans always evolve and I’m now in to the second iteration having made some mistakes and made some good decisions. However, always having the intent of helping the NHS at the heart of everything that’s happening.

I’m excited and I hope you are too…


PS – CLICK HERE as a reminder of why I’m leading the #NHSWalks series

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