The Evolution Of My Businesses

Posted on November 26th 2018 by Jason Rawles

Some of you who have followed my business journey from Corporate Sales, to now, will have seen a few changes. It’s always been the plan to dip my toe in, feel the temperature, and then either jump in or get out. It’s part of the process – it’s not failings – it’s many ways of learning what’s right.

The Beginning

When I left the IT Sales world the start was to rebalance. To find my feet and work out my purpose. I had a clue but needed to ‘feel it’ rather than design it straight off the bat. It all started with JR Mountaineering, that led to JR Leadership and then BOOM, I snapped my wrist and things came to a halt. Devastating.

The Evolution

Retrospectively, this gave me time to think even if it did have a wide and sweeping impact on my mental and physical health. It gave me time to see the landscape and feel what was right for me. The outdoors world is saturated and I was moving myself in to a space where we compete over costs, and that’s not me. I always wanted to help people and deliver amazing experiences. No doubt others do also, but they’re not me and to be fair, I’m not them.

It gave me time to refine my social purpose and spin something up that legally bound me to social purpose. It gave me time to see the bigger picture of what I enjoy and that includes business, leadership, team development and supporting organisations to achieve.

I also needed things to talk to each other. So when you enter my little world you end up staying for a while. That’s not easy at all. As a small business owner I don’t have ¬£millions to spend on Marketing so have to use everything I possibly can and that’s the good will of people. I’m so humbled by how this has come about.

The Now

What was important to me was to detach the Jason Rawles name from stuff. To release that pressure. I find myself working 24/7 and that’s not healthy. That’s not why I moved away from that Corporate space. I need time for me and that also contributes to my own happiness which then shines through with the people who put their trust in me. I also need time for personal development which keeps me cutting edge with delivering experiences and providing safe environments to play, learn and aspire.

The perfect examples here are having time to delve in to the International Mountain Leader scheme with Plas y Brenin and complete the WEMSI WEMT course.

So, what does it all look like…?

Aspire Adventures

This is where all the expedition, adventure learning, skills development, hikes, corporate and leadership development etc sits. The website launched yesterday (Friday 23rd November 2018) and I couldn’t be any prouder. There will be more business evolution with this and add/remove things as I see fit or demand expects. I also have an Office Manager joining at the start of 2019 to help with the growth and admin support.

Click HERE to be taken to the website and have a look around.

The Adventurer Club

This is constant evolution. To deliver socially positive programmes of adventure activity that helps people who need a helping hand. This has taken a few shapes and now there is a team of Enablers and a Fund Manager in place, it will grow. This gives me social purpose and as a Community Interest Company I’m legally bound to deliver all revenues in to communities.

Click HERE to head to the website and get signed up.

The My 365 Programme

In it’s current shape it’s just My Leadership 365. A programme of daily emails to help people to deliver their best leader self every day. For the price of a few coffee’s you got 365 emails, one per day, with a hint or tip to be your best. This works out to be something like 2p per day. The feedback I’m getting is awesome.

Early next year I’ll launch My Life 365 which is the same principle but delivering your best self in all aspects of life. Then I’ll launch My Adventure 365 and perhaps some more. I already have the domain names and now it’s down to creating the content within the email/web platforms. I love this idea and perhaps it’ll grow to a My 365 conference and maybe books. There is also scope to include video content and more in-depth learning. EXCITING!!!!

Want to join…? Click HERE.

NHS Walks

A complete passion project although I hope to release some exciting news soon about funding which helps pay for my travel and other leaders that may be needed to deliver safety on the walks. This is designed to do something nice for people who are always there to help others. Have a read of the blog I wrote HERE and find out more.

You’ll see from the above that I’ve stripped out a lot from my ‘name‘ but there is still a ‘me’ about some stuff. I’m booked for a few speaking engagements next year across numerous areas. The adventurer in me talks about the life skills learned from the outdoors and my business hat looks to inspire and motivate great leadership.

I’ve been privileged to stand on stage and speak about numerous things but the reality is that I can talk about leadership and talk about adventure. Let’s keep it at that!

CLICK HERE to be taken to my speaker booking page which also includes testimonials.

Community First Responder

I joined Mountain Rescue when I moved up here and then snapped my wrist. As mentioned above it gave me time to think and reflect on what’s right for me. Once the surgeon had given me the all clear I decided that Mountain Rescue wasn’t for me. However, I still have a yearning desire to do something when people are having their worst day ever. I joined the Community First Responder scheme which means I’ll be deployed to serious ambulance related call outs in my area.

For example, if someone in the village has a heart attack I’ll be sent to be first on scene to help save their life. This ticks a lot of boxes in my little world of wanting to help.

Time For Adventure Book

Time for Adventure – Why you | Why now

This is taking a little longer to finish. I’m waiting for a front cover quote from a famous person. People tell me this brings credibility so wanted to get this lined up before the launch. It’s 52 reasons (one per week!) why you should embrace adventure in to your world, underpinned with my personal stories and experiences. To answer the question about why you should spend time outdoors. I’m excited for this and it’ll be any day now I hope!

The Rawles Group

Aside of The Adventurer Club CIC which legally stays its own entity, the rest is sitting under The Rawles Group Ltd. For the moment this business structure works but who knows in the future! My little world is pretty dynamic and assuming things don’t compromise my core values, I won’t be afraid to change.

When you’re on top of your game, it’s time to change the game…

An amazing quote in one of my favourite books called Legacy about the All Blacks cultural reinvention.

For now, thanks for reading. This is exciting times and it wouldn’t have been possible without support from a lot of people and that includes YOU!

Sending love…



3 responses to “The Evolution Of My Businesses”

  1. Samantha says:

    Fabulous read .. great stuff

  2. Donna Joyce says:

    Great update JR, THanks for sharing & keep doing what you do.
    One day I too will leave the IT sales world & do what makes me me – until then I will continue to be my best self & enjoy your travels.

  3. Scott Macdonald says:

    Great Stuff Jason! It is easy to see when someone is following a passion and it is contagious. Best of luck mate!

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