Ordnance Survey Supporting NHS Walks

Posted on December 20th 2018 by Jason Rawles

I’m an incredibly proud GetOutside Champion for Ordnance Survey and this latest news make me feel DOUBLE proud. I’ve been with OS since the beginning of this initiative and I’m so incredibly fortunate that the whole team have become friends of mine.

A lot of you will know that earlier in 2018 I founded what’s known as NHS Walks. Free of charge guided walks for the legends who work in the NHS. I wanted to do this after a period of deep reflection which found me thinking about my Grandad, Step-Dad, my own actions and how dealing in life and death, each day, must be incredibly debilitating.

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What’s the news..?

Well, to make these walks happen it costs money. I plan to be the main Guide on all the walks and be supported by qualified and insured leaders to make them safe. Travel costs money as does things like food, insurances, risk assessments, material etc. while I’m out and about.

It is my founding principle that these walks remain free of charge (excluding travel to the walk etc.) so the decision to go out and play becomes easier. This not only opens up parts of the UK that NHS workers may not have seen but also helps create some head space, will improve mental health, bring teams together, people can make new friends and in general have fun.

Ordnance Survey are helping financially bring NHS Walks to life which is just AMAZING. They are legends and really see how GetOutside can improve health and wellbeing in the workplace via adventures.

They are also offering the walkers discounts on maps and compasses as well as offering a one month free subscription to OS Maps. Just WOW!

What’s next…?

The diary for 2019 is being worked on now and will be sent out firstly to the NHS Walks Facebook group, then to my email list as a lot of NHS workers are signed up and then via social media platforms. They’ll also go on to the website.

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This way you’ll get some advanced warning. Spaces will be limited and I am also toying with the idea of a really big ‘day’ and get some famous peeps along.

Supporting The Cavell Nurses’ Trust

As mentioned above, the principle is that these walks are free of charge. If you went on a guided walk in the mountains it could cost you around £35 or so. Not much but still a cost as such.

The team at the Cavell Nurses’ Trust approached me at the beginning and told me about what they do. I was amazed at their passion for helping nurses, midwives and care workers who may be living in financial hardship or with domestic abuse.

I wanted to help.

So, what I am looking to do is deliver walks to 500+ people in 2019 and if each of those people ask 5 pals to donate £5 to the charity it will raise £12,500 which will help A LOT of people in need.

Of course it doesn’t need to be pals of the walkers, anyone can donate, such as yourself!

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Want to help..?

Perhaps you’d like to be a sponsor?

Perhaps you’d like to offer a gift to each walker?

Perhaps you’re in the media and want to mention this on the radio/tele?

Email me and let’s chat…

Once again a MASSIVE thanks to Ordnance Survey. Just amazing.


#GetOutside #NHSWalks

PS – Did I mention that NHS Walks is now AWARD WINNING NHS Walks..!?!?! I’ll explain more about this in my 2018 summary blog!

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