Three Things During Your Adventures… 👇

Posted on July 15th 2019 by Jason Rawles

I caught up with my great friend, Kate Worthington of RAW Adventures and Climb Snowdon last week. Something we talked about was how we can improve some of the less than favourable elements of the outdoors. We did discuss in the context of Snowdon but it’s appropriate for anything outdoors based.

As the Founder of Aspire Adventures it’s important that we all talk and collaborate especially when it’s focused on the environment, safety and creating more inclusive outdoor spaces.

We discussed three things you can do during adventures to make our little space a little more pleasant…

I’d love your support with this by a) reading, b) taking positive action and c) sharing this message as it needs addressing. I appreciate this is a small section of what I think is hundreds of thousands of people who do get outside and in that case a cheeky reminder is of no harm!

It’s okay, they’re not hard or complicated! It’s just three things. Let me explain…

Take your rubbish home…

This is completely bemusing to all outdoors professionals. We love the outdoors and cannot understand why people litter. Granted, mistakes happen and rubbish can fly away in the wind but that doesn’t explain how (e.g.) empty drink bottles are stuffed under rocks.

When your food or drink is finished it weighs less and can be scrunched up. So, much easier to take back!


It’s not much to ask, is it? Yeah it’s much better for the environment by using a reusable water bottle rather than single use plastics and yeah, removing all unnecessary waste and putting it in a Tupperware tub is also much better.

However, why don’t we ALL start with not leaving rubbish and build up from there…

Let’s keep our outdoor spaces litter free.

Make good decisions…

Possibly a little harder to define than the first one as it’s a broad subject. That said, common sense goes a long way. Check the weather before going in to the mountains and take the right clothing. Check the weather and take the right stuff like perhaps sun cream or enough food and drink. If the weather is bad, turn back or do something else on that day. Do some research before you go to places you don’t know in case it’s beyond the personal capabilities of yourself or the people you’re with.

You know, some common sense coupled with personal responsibility under the umbrella of making good decisions.

This isn’t saying you shouldn’t stretch your adventure boundaries as we all have the right to do this. But please take some responsibility for good decisions before, during and after your adventures.

Just be nice…

Possibly a life thing as much an adventure thing. Under this heading we included the environment as well as people. Be nice to the mountains and the outdoors. Respect and love where you are as well as others. To be fair, I don’t see much (if any) disrespect to others outside of a few examples linked to challenge events and people who feel that being ‘on a time’ means more than being a nice person.

Be nice to the flowers, rocks, water, beaches, animals, property, shut gates etc. etc.

It’s not hard really.

So the three things are quite simple really. We can all do it.

If you disagree I’d love to know constructively in the comments below? Perhaps you can think of other things…? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.



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  1. Dave Gregory says:

    I still find it hard to believe that these aren’t the norm but eh, you can’t teach stupid!

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