Lessons And Learnings From Covid-19

Posted on April 5th 2020 by Jason Rawles

I don’t know when you’ll be reading this but at the time of writing it’s April 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 global crisis. These really are unprecedented times. I wanted to take a moment to document my personal lessons and learnings from it all.

These are personal to me and you’ll no doubt have your own and do feel free to share them in the comments below. Please also note these are ‘so far’ and they may change or tweak as things unfold.

There are 13 lessons and learnings and I hope you enjoy reading and that some of them resonate… 👇

1. Thinking in more detail.

For example, when planning shopping I’m thinking about what I need and not what I want. It wouldn’t be abnormal for me to go shopping and come out with a fold up bucket and 5m iPhone charger cable. I don’t need these things and I’m really thinking about stuff rather than being all slapdash and haphazard about it.

This is across numerous other aspects like any time I spend outside and how I can consolidate activities plus my time during the day to keep occupied.

2. I ‘m more socially aware.

I don’t think that I wasn’t before but people, neighbours and the vulnerable have pinged on my radar more. I’m also hyper aware of the selfish pricks with zero disregard for their impact on others. As are many. I live in a small community and it’s so heart warming to see how we have become closer.

I can also see this across the UK with community support programmes, notes in windows, notes through doors and much, much more.

3. My impact on the world is more evident.

The things I do have impact and I see that more. How I buy, what I buy, my regard for the environment, stuff I say, what I do and more.

The recent example is the use of local products rather than quick buying at the supermarket and equally as important, buying from local shops. They need us. We need them.

4. Being really aware of the moment.

This was on my mind yesterday as I was cutting carrots to be juiced. Really, really aware of cutting myself and having to go to A&E for stitches.

Also during my allowed walk for exercise just appreciating the beauty of what’s around me. There is a lot of things that we can be really in the moment for.

5. The belief I have in myself.

Those who know me know that I have a bit of an ego. That said, the past 5yrs from a business perspective I’ve swivelled, pivoted, changed direction, learnt and more. It’s all been leading to this moment. I’ve always done things in what I felt was the right way and now it’s reaping benefits.

I really believe in myself to get through this stronger and becoming a global powerhouse of business, adventure and leadership.

6. Valuing friendship and family.

I’m probably known for being there when needed rather than wanted. Perhaps like Nanny McFee or Mary Poppins! This kind of stuff really does make you think about how you communicate, how often and with what method.

Pals have checked in on me and I’ve tried to check back in with people in return. This has certainly made me think about my actions right now and moving forwards.

7. Controlling anger and rage.

I posted the other day saying that I am calm as a Hindu cow. For the most part I am. That said, I am angry for what’s happened, what’s happening and more.

In my opinion it doesn’t serve any purpose to shout at the world. I have my outlets for anger and will continue to proceed with positivity, hope and optimism.

8. Leveraging the moment.

I can’t change what’s happening other than follow the guidelines and not be a knob. What I can do is leverage the moment.

Get my marketing sorted. Clean the house. De-Clutter. Sort bits out. Use up the dead time in a constructive way so when this ends I’m in the best shape possible.

9. More aware of the need for structure.

I love structure but also hope that I’m flexible enough to bend or adapt. Normal work stuff is pretty well sorted but I have needed more personal structure. That gives me less time to think about the situation and helps me feel more in control of an outcome.

I even structure in shower time as that means I cross it off the list and feel great for doing so! Yeah, I’m a structure knob!!!

10. Using what I have.

I’m pretty terrible at this and especially food. This has made me consider what’s in the cupboards and coupled with thinking in more detail it’s meaning less waste, less cost and less impact on the environment.

I feel pretty damn good for this also. I like less waste.

11. Cooking and making food.

Never before has my dishwasher been used on a daily basis! Bringing together planning more and using what I have is leading to more cooking and food preparation.

It’s been great that people have been sharing recipes after I posted a pic of an abysmal looking dinner!!!

12. General pride.

I am so proud of how people are coming together and supporting each other. Yeah, there are some idiots but that’s life in general. Businesses digging in, the NHS and other services working tirelessly and more.

I am very proud right now.

13. Eating far too much.

So, what I have realised is that when food is in the house it gets eaten! The panic snacks went in 24hrs and then I basically ate everything. All the food.

I have to be more disciplined with this. It’s work in progress…


This is just what I’m seeing right now.

What do you think?

Have I missed anything?

For now, please stay safe and please follow the guidelines.

We will get through this.

We will be stronger.

Take care,


3 responses to “Lessons And Learnings From Covid-19”

  1. Emma Seaman says:

    Love it. Honest and raw. So true about food , waste an the. environment!. The good that is already coming out of this , is that we are realizing. that the ‘small things ‘ are actually the big things . Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Dilkumar Rai says:

    It is very much informative and must be acknowledged and followed for all upcoming challenges

  3. Ash says:

    So true on so many levels-

    My reflections are mostly around people and behaviours

    #1- I work in the Emergency Department, we are use me to chaos and never knowing what the day may bring… on so many levels the loud brash people excel. But during this pandemic the quiet, clever, secretly strategic ones have shone.

    #2- As a nation we ahem noticed who actually is a key worker, it becomes so apparent that you need the WiFi engineers, the shop assistants, the delivery drivers, the gas engineers and the list goes on. But truly what I think is everyone (bar the illegal drug pushers and general criminals) has a place or role in society and it pay for us all to step back and reflect on that.

    #3 Health- in ED we see so many regular attenders and people who ultimately don’t need to be there, people who go out drink too much and come to Ed to sleep it off whilst swearing and scaring older people who are sick. They have all disappeared? Is this due to realising they don’t need ED, are people better at self care, or better looking after each other!

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