The Rise Of The Real Influencer

Posted on April 6th 2020 by Jason Rawles

I touched on this a few weeks ago and wanted to write a little more. The fact that we are now seeing real life content from people like nurses, doctors, supermarket workers, refuse collectors, posties and more. Out of this madness what I hope is that this is the rise of the real influencer.

I’ve also expressed my distaste, certainly in the world of adventure, about the nature of staging images to create a false impressions and that could be to gain more likes, followers, free kit and money. It’s not everyone but it’s certainly prevalent.

When I first started off in the world of adventure I’ve no doubt I was part of the problem but like they say, there’s nobody more vocal than a person who has quit smoking against those who smoke! I’ve never smoked but heard it lots!

So, what do I mean about this..??

Why am I banging on about this…??

It’s no secret that I have a lot of love for the NHS (and associated services) as will many of you. In 2018 and 2019 I ran a series of award winning¬†free guided walks for NHS workers and this year they’re on hold for obvious reasons.

I’ve blogged in the past about where this passion comes from and over on Twitter I am hugely supportive of the content that goes out and check in on people.

I’m also a passionate supporter of the Cavell Nurses’ Trust charity who provide real time support for nurses, midwives and care workers who are suffering with financial hardship, living with domestic abuse and more. The team have also become friends. I love this charity so much.

We also have to consider that Covid-19 is ON TOP of other things. Granted, less people out means less things like car accidents but babies are still being born and the services still need things like blood.

As a leader in adventure and business I’ve always look to shine a light on the roles that deliver success for us. Now, more than ever, we can see that the ecosystem to deliver our ‘lives’ is bigger than we perhaps considered.

Okay, so perhaps we did know but we now value it more.

Just imagine if the bins weren’t collected and we received no post? Just imagine having no Netflix or broadband at this time! CRIKEY! Consider the uproar at the shelves being empty.

It takes a lot for us to even be inside.

What do I mean by rise…??

The explosion of social media has led to a new type of ‘job’ which seems to go under the title of ‘Social Media Influencer’. Some people earning ¬£millions which seems mad. But, it is what it is and there is no doubt some positives from pushing content to people in the right way.

It’s created large volumes of staged content which in turn pushes reality in to a small, tight corner. Again, as I said, it is what it is and I’ve leave impact on mental health and self-esteem to another blog!

We have lost the sense of ‘real’.

Big time.

We are now seeing a lot in the media from real people doing real things. Nurses and care workers on the front line. Shop workers sharing their fear of how people are behaving. The impact of the local authorities working hard to process claims for people.

…and more.

This should be the new influencer and let them rise up.

I hope that in months and years to come that people want to be like these people.

To know their positive impact on the world.

Cleaners stopping the viral spread. Shelves being stacked so we can have food. Drivers delivering stock so we can function. IT workers keeping servers up and running so we can communicate.

The HUGE volumes of volunteers (including CFR’s) who have stepped up to assist.

What can I and do about it…??

From a personal perspective, right now, it’s to follow the Government guidelines to stay in which in turn takes the pressure off of these systems.

I also think it’s important to showcase the breadth of hero that’s keeping my world spinning. That’s what this is about.

The National Health Walks programme will also resume later in the year to help support the physical and mental wellbeing of the legends that are there for us all at our times of greatest need.

I’ll continue to support the Cavell Nurses’ Trust charity and hope you do too. A link to donate to them is below and to re-iterate, they provide real time support by way of food, cash, support and more to nurses, midwives and care workers who need help.


In my next blog I’ll talk about why I believe that this great nation is coming together during this crisis.

For now, thanks for reading.

Please stay inside.

Please donate to the Cavell Nurses’ Trust charity.

Please share.

Stay safe.


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