Cavell Nurses’ Trust Steps Challenge

Posted on April 9th 2020 by Jason Rawles

Firstly, I’ll start this blog with stating how much I love working with the Cavell Nurses’ Trust charity. They provide real time support for nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants when they’re suffering financial or personal hardship. At this time of writing, during the Covid-19 pandemic, this will be needed more than ever.

To help those who are helping us.

Secondly, as the Founder of Aspire Adventures I am immensely proud to support their yearly Snowdon walk which raises much needed funds so they can support those who support us.

It’s part of 10k For Nurses & Midwives, taking place throughout October each year.

I can almost hear the cogs ticking about the reason behind this blog so let me explain…

The Cavell Nurses’ Trust steps challenge

In October this year there will be a walk on Snowdon to raise money for this amazing charity. If you haven’t registered yet there will be a link at the bottom of this email.

At the time of writing there is a general lockdown to help prevent the spread of the virus.

There will also be lots of people wondering how they can get some training in, in preparation for the walk and also consider doing something a little fun in the process.

This is where the steps challenge comes in and I am fully aware this isn’t a ‘new’ thing as it’s been done before. There is no point in re-inventing the wheel!

For 4 weeks, on a Saturday from 10am, I’ll be stepping up a step a number of times that equate to the summit of a hill or mountain. Some example numbers are below and based on a 28cm step outside my house.

I’ll be doing this outside on a safe step but people can use stairs in their house or one of those step class step things.

My personal schedule –

11th April 2020: Roseberry Topping (1,143 step ups)

18th April 2020: Kinder Scout (2,271 step ups)

25th April 2020: Pen y Fan (3,165 step ups)

2nd May 2020: Snowdon (3,850 step ups) and this will be in fancy dress!

Note, these are the step ups and not forward steps like you’d get on a FitBit.

I’d love you to join in with me…

I’ll be posting on Twitter and you can use the hashtag #CavellStepsChallenge to create a community. You can also tag the charity and We Nurses who are amazing supports. Click below to be taken to the pages to follow –

Jason Rawles

Cavell Nurses’ Trust

We Nurses

As mentioned, I’ll be starting at 10am on a Saturday and will start posting a little while before and during.

Those of you taking part who have been on the walks before could wear their t-shirts with pride!

Please do also post pics and get involved.

Who’s in…?

Other summit options and benefits

Conscious that people will do this across the UK they may want to pick a local ‘summit’ or have a range of options depending on fitness. Here’s some for you –

Ben Nevis: 4,814 step ups (1,348m)

Scafell Pike: 3,493 step ups (978m)

Worcestershire Beacon: 1,518 step ups (425m)

High Willhays: 2,218 step ups (621m)

Blackdown: 1,161 step ups (325m)

Whernside: 2,600 step ups (728m)

Carraunhoohil: 3,7070 step ups (1,038m)

Crow Hill: 1,636 step ups (458m)

Plenty to choose from!

This also has other benefits…

The physical nature of this means it’s helping with your general health. The community nature will be good for the mental wellbeing and togetherness.

This is designed to be something that people of most abilities can get involved in.

Also, you don’t have to do this on a Saturday at 10am with me. You could do this at any time and even spread the steps over a few days. Please do tag us however you’re doing this and let us know.

I may even offer out some spot prizes of stickers, pins, hoodies and more.

Let’s do a recap…

For the next 4 weeks (from time of writing) let’s do a step challenge to get some training in before the Snowdon walk in October.

Schedule is above of dates, steps and name of summit.

Other options are available.

Use hashtag #CavellStepsChallenge and tag me, Cavell Nurses’ Trust and We Nurses on Twitter. Let’s have some fun doing this. Links are above.

I’ll be doing this on a step outside of my house but you can use stairs or something else that’s safe.

Links to register, donate and more are below..

Other information


You may wish to make a donation to this amazing charity and you can do so via the link below –


Also, as an aside, you can buy some super cool Aspire Adventures hoodies via the below link and profits also go to the Cavell Nurses’ Trust charity –


You may also be thinking about how to count the steps. I have a step counter thing as I use it for work but others do them in blocks of 100 (10 x 10 fingers) or work out how many steps in the stairs (11 stairs for example) and then tick off numbers on a sheet of paper.

I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

I’m really excited about this.

Please do get involved.

Please do register for the walk in October and support the charity.

Please do share this.

I have some exciting news about something but I’ll save that for another blog!

Happy stepping!


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  1. Emma dillon says:

    Thank you what a good idea
    I did the CAVELL walk with you in storm Callum and you kept us safe x

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