An EXCITING opportunity for just 20 leaders…

Posted on March 18th 2021 by Jason Rawles

The Aspire Leadership Academy is moving faster than I expected as a platform for online leadership development. It’s time to move towards phases 2 and 3 of growth and part of this is to create an exciting opportunity for just 20 leaders…

One phase is to refine the platform based on feedback and the other phase is to create teams or cohorts. These leaders won’t just learn from me but build a network that can form business friendships to last a lifetime. It will also include an incredible adventure challenge event to see the learning in action with a certificate ceremony and meal to close it all off.

These are EXCITING times!!!

What’s the opportunity?

So, what’s the opportunity I hear you ask…?

Through March 2021 I’ll be creating a team to start in April made up of 20 leaders to extend the learning capability of the Aspire Leadership Academy.

We will have monthly online presentations over a 6-month period and finish with two nights in a hotel with an adventure challenge run by the Aspire Adventures business and corporate team to see the learning in action. There will also be a celebration meal with certificate ceremony.

From the start you’ll have access to the Everest programme in the Academy which is 22 modules on online, on-demand access and finish the learning with a professional accreditation to The Institute of Leadership and Management. You can then use the letters MInstLM after your name.

Cool, eh?!

This inaugural team will be known as Team Arete and in Greek mythology, Arete was the Goddess of excellence and virtue. A fitting team name.

For these 20 leaders, they will –

  1. Improve their leadership confidence.
  2. Improve their leadership effectiveness.
  3. Feel more empowered to make bigger and bolder decisions.
  4. Network with leaders from other industries and sectors.
  5. Stand out from the crowd for new jobs or promotions.
  6. Have a visible stamp of competence and credibility.
  7. Learn from over two decades of leadership experience.
  8. Help improve mental health in the workplace.
  9. Improve their capacity to earn.

The cost will include –

  1. Lifetime access to the Everest programme in the Aspire Leadership Academy.
  2. Professional accreditation to the ILM.
  3. Two nights single occupancy hotel bed and breakfast.
  4. One day adventure challenge event.
  5. Celebration meal.
  6. Framed certificate.
  7. Team hoodie.

How do I be part of this?

All I am asking is, for these 20 people, is to sign up to the Everest programme via the two payment options and email me back saying they want to be in the team.

The cut off is Wednesday 31st March at 17:00.

The two payment options are –

  1. One off payment of £1,597 (no discounts applicable).
  2. 5 x payments of £337 (no discounts applicable).

Payment via the below link and scroll to the bottom of the page –


I am a firm believer that you have to do the thing before you get the result.

We don’t just magic up more confidence or effectiveness.

We do the ‘thing’ first.

Take action.

Become part of this amazing team.

Be your leadership best.

I hope to see you in the team.

Take care.

Stay safe.


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