80 Words To Describe Your Values

Posted on July 22nd 2021 by Jason Rawles

Those who know me, know that living your values is the number one thing you can do in life, business and leadership to help you to live your best life. I’ve put together a list of 80 words to describe your values to help you along the way.

In 2013 I quit the corporate world and moved to the mountains of north Wales. My life had become a train wreck. When I removed myself from the situation it became apparent that I wasn’t living my values. I took myself away to the mountains of south Wales and spent 4 days figuring out the problems.

I had to get back to living my values.

I review them often and ensure that I’m living in cohesion. For example, if I call out INTEGRITY as a value and don’t live in alignment, it’s going to cause issues.

Also, with a value like FAMILY, it means I can ensure I’m doing the right things like making calls, remembering birthdays and being there for people.

It really is your moral compass and your true north.

For transparency, my values are –


I also have a score against one as things do change and some may be more important than others. If things are ticking along nicely with my family then I can spend more time on wealth, but if something happens with someone then I adjust the focus and focus on that. It’s just an extra level of guidance.

I urge you to do the same.

To help you along, here’s 80 words that you can pick and choose from –

Accomplishment | Achievement | Ambition | Assertiveness | Attentive | Balance | Bravery | Brilliance | Boldness | Calm | Capable | Charity | Cleanliness | Clever | Commitment | Common Sense | Community | Compassion | Competence | Courage | Determination | Dignity | Discipline | Efficiency | Empathy | Energy | Enthusiasm | Fairness | Focus | Foresight | Fortitude | Fun | Generosity | Giving | Genius | Goodness | Grace | Happiness | Humility | Health | Harmony | Honesty | Hope | Integrity | Independence | Inspiration | Insightful | Leadership | Learning | Love | Loyalty | Mastery | Moderation | Motivation | Optimism | Passion | Patience | Peace | Performance | Professionalism | Purpose | Quality | Realistic | Results-Oriented | Risk | Selfless | Sensitive | Sharing | Significant | Skilful | Smart | Strength | Success | Teamwork | Thankful | Tolerant | Trust | Victory | Vision | Wealth.

There are more but these should give you a starter for ten…literally!

Good luck with it all.


2 responses to “80 Words To Describe Your Values”

  1. Tammy Buckley says:

    My values would be family 9/10, Honesty 10/10, compassion 8/10, efficency 7/10, fun 6/10, fairness 5/10,generosity 4/10, loyalty 3/10, professionalism and success.

  2. Souad Outarid says:

    This is great. Thank you
    I chose Honesty, Trust, Loyalty, Vision, Teamwork, inspiration, learning, and victory. I think all the 8th are connected in my opinion, to be a leader, you need to be honest in your communication, trust your team and be loyal to them. To be successful in your field, you need to have a vision that can be created by the team and that teamwork. You are willing to learn new things every day, inspire others, and celebrate victories.

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