Map and Navigational Skills Weekend

A weekend of map and navigation skills to help build your confidence and competence in the outdoors. We start from the beginning and will build you up to have a super foundation to run, plan and be part of great adventures.

By the end of the weekend you will be able to -

  • Identify the right map for your adventure
  • Understand map symbols and feautures
  • Orient the map using the ground around and a compass
  • Recognise the ground around using features and contours
  • Understand timing and pacing
  • Take bearings to give you a direction of travel
  • Plan adventures and break them in to smaller legs
  • Understand safety procedures relevant to your environment
  • Look at kit needed for safe and fun adventures
  • Be able to ask questions and chat about future learning

Let’s adventure together and my promise to you is:

  • I will help keep you safe and make great decisions
  • I will transfer skills and knowledge so you’re a more independent adventurer after our time together
  • I will help you plan and prepare so it’s easier to achieve your aspirations

Event Date(s)

22-23 Sep 2018

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Payment terms available upon request. Please email for details and information.

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Jason Rawles - Map and Navigational Skills Weekend
Jason Rawles - Map and Navigational Skills Weekend
Jason Rawles - Map and Navigational Skills Weekend

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