Overseas Expeditions

The world is your oyster! Many of you will have something amazing like Everest Base Camp or Kilimanjaro on your bucket list. Many will have something else. I am passionate about helping people achieve their adventure aspirations and have extensive experience in delivering successful and safe expeditions.

Every year I run expeditions to Everest Base Camp and Kilimanjaro and every year I look to help people plan bespoke trips so they meet their expectations and dreams.

Let’s adventure together and my promise to you is:

  • I will help keep you safe and make great decisions
  • I will transfer skills and knowledge so you’re a more independent adventurer after our time together
  • I will help you plan and prepare so it’s easier to achieve your aspirations

Everest Base Camp 2018

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Everest Base Camp 2019

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Everest Base Camp & Island Peak 2019

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Why not book now and let’s start planning the perfect overseas expedition for yourself, your friends, group or colleagues.

Jason Rawles - Overseas Expeditions
Jason Rawles - Overseas Expeditions
Jason Rawles - Overseas Expeditions

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To discuss going on an Overseas Expedition and associated costs, please complete the form or call 0330 133 1248.

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