As a leader you're out there.
Tip of the spear. The buck stops with you.

You’re spinning plates, questioning decisions, looking to the future and trying to have a decent quality of life.

It’s easy to get OVERWHELMED and lose your swagger.

IMPOSTER SYNDROME is very real and it can impact your overall wellbeing.

I’ve been there. I feel you. It can be lonely and isolating.

In my leadership journey I’ve lost DIRECTION.

I’ve spent hours of time DELIBERATING decisions that impact outcomes.

I’ve questioned everything about myself when things have gone SIDEWAYS.

It was lonely. It impacted my work. The team were not performing optimally. I could have made better choices.

I didn’t know where to turn for SUPPORT...

With all this in mind I am offering a 1:2:1 LEADERSHIP MENTORING PROGRAMME to help you be more EFFECTIVE.


Get your SWAGGER back.

Your capacity to EARN will increase.

Across the 3-month period you will be supported in three phases:

Jason Rawles - Leadership Mentoring Programme

Phase One: Trek In

Your leadership is one big adventure and, on any adventure, you need to understand your journey.

The metaphorical mountain can’t be summited if you trek into the wrong location.

You will have 4 x 1:2:1 Zoom based meetings (average time of 1hr) that will:

  • Define your leader values
  • Build your personal brand
  • Become more self-aware
  • Teams and teamwork

Then you're ready for Phase Two...

Jason Rawles - Leadership Mentoring Programme

Phase Two: Basecamp

Your basecamp is where you come back to, to re-stock, rest and REBALANCE. It’s where you gain the STRENGTH for the big journey to the summit.

This is your ‘go back to’ point. Your brilliant basics. Your FOUNDATION of leadership excellence.

You will have 4 x 1:2:1 Zoom based meetings (average time of 1hr) that will:

  • Creating environments for success
  • Leadership styles
  • Building trust
  • Making decisions

Then we look to define the leadership mountain to be summited based on your leader role and challenges.

Then you’re ready for Phase Three...

Jason Rawles - Leadership Mentoring Programme

Phase Three: The Mountain

You may be a standalone LEADER with no direct reports or be new to LEADERSHIP and need this experience to help build your ability to lead effectively.

You will have 2 x 1:2:1 Zoom based meetings (average time of 90mins) that will cover topics that include (but not limited to):

  • Building resilience
  • Compassion
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Task delegation
  • Managing Upwards
Jason Rawles - Leadership Mentoring Programme

Does this LEADERSHIP MENTORING sound like it’s for you?

Do you need to improve your effectiveness, confidence or plan for the next career move?

Why not talk to me and let’s discuss whether it’s right for you?

What have people said about their leadership mentoring with me:

“Your leadership support has been rock solid. Really well organised and incredibly motivational. Thank you.”
- Matt, Director of People
“As a young sales leader I asked who the best was. I wanted to learn from the best. I was told JASON RAWLES from numerous sources. He helped shape me in to the leader I am today.”
- Ashley, VP of Northern Europe

I want to help you turn the page on this next chapter of your leadership journey.

We do this 1:2:1 and I have your back along the way.


  • Improve your LEADERSHIP confidence
  • Create more time for your mental and physical WELLBEING
  • Greatly improve your capacity to EARN

The LEADERSHIP MENTORING PROGRAMME is 3 months of 1:2:1 mentoring and support delivered via Zoom calls and Voxer.

Your investment

1 x payment of £4,997

3 x payments of £1,717

Go on, make the leap...

Jason Rawles - Leadership Mentoring Programme