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The book of Jason is a story of personal accountability and extracting goodness from the bad.

Having grown up in a turbulent household, Jason found adventure as a means of escape and a place of happiness. He also found the Air Training Corps which then fostered his spirit of adventure, harnessed leadership potential and offered opportunities that could never have been afforded otherwise.

Jason’s career path was less set in stone. Having lost direction after a sporting injury he then worked through refuse collection, postal worker and even made lampshades in a factory.

But, throughout this chapter he found a recipe for success. After taking these component parts of the recipe he built a career taking him in to IT sales, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds and flying around the world first class.

Jason Rawles
“ Life is hard. We all know that. People won’t generally hand you your happiness or success. It’s down to us all to know what we need to progress and what personal success looks like. It’s a process of knowing your core values and putting a plan in place...”

Adventure is the most wonderful way of helping but it’s not everything. It’s a part of the overall and it’s your responsibility to take action. ”

But all that glitters isn’t gold. Jason can categorically assure you that buying nice ‘things’ does not buy smiles. Jason had lost friends, lost connections with his family and lost adventure. Smiling on the outside but dying a little every day on the inside. Something had to be done. He had to take personal accountability for his happiness.

Jason has travelled the world on adventures and in business. Jason has had what people would perceive as everything and nothing. He has ice climbed in the Arctic Circle and brushed passed pit vipers in the jungles of Borneo. Jason has been a leader in the corporate world and a leader of expeditions.

Jason is also the Chief Adventure Officer for The Adventurer Club - a platform for social good and connecting people with their inner adventurer.

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