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Jason has a very unique blend of experiences, skills and qualifications that can support your organisations goals and objectives.

Qualifications in management, business, leadership and project management are supported by qualifications in adventure leadership. Couple this with over 20 years of experience in business and adventure, it brings together something no others can offer.

Jason is currently working with numerous businesses and organisations from FTSE listed to those with charitable status. There are a range of offerings available and each one is tailored to your needs and goals. Each adventure experience will have a set of defined objectives that will be monitored and measured as part of delivering value.

Jason Rawles - Work with me
Jason Rawles - Work with me
Jason Rawles - Work with me
  • Summits of mountains as a team day (Snowdon, Ben Nevis etc.) designed to be fun and bring teams together
  • Team challenges like National 3 Peaks, Yorkshire 3 Peaks, Welsh 3,000’s that can help drive togetherness towards common goals
  • Walks, expeditions, challenges or mountain climbs that can support your CSR policies or corporate charities
  • Overseas expeditions (Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Inca Trail, bespoke) as part of employee recognition, retention or leadership development
  • Leadership development days or workshops geared to retaining and developing great leaders
  • Graduate assessment adventure days to bring out the best in your next generation of business success (could also form part of graduate selection)
  • Offsite creativity days/weekend to bring out the flow state that can overcome problems, unlock human potential or set strategies
  • Team, partner or business adventure networking to bring people together under common goals, a strategy or build deep relationships
  • Adventure experiences aligned to new product launch which can accelerate time to cash for your R&D investments
  • Adventure challenge weekends which include multi-discipline team events to promote positive friction, have fun, build skills and bring out your best

Jason is also available as a Speaker and Adventure Guide as well as supporting your organisations objectives.

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